Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Trooper's sister alleges impropriety against county commissioner

| May 24, 2024 7:00 AM

On Feb. 16, 2023, my brother, Trooper Lewis Johnson was run over while working in the Lincoln County community. The defendant, Jason Miller was charged with attempted deliberate homicide. 

I believe County Commissioner Josh Letcher visited the defendant in the Lincoln County detention center under the veil of prison ministry. Commissioner Letcher then made a plea directly to the Attorney General seeking leniency for Miller, a two-time felon who had just tried to murder my brother. 

At no point did Letcher contact our family or visit my brother during his 12 days in the ICU fighting for his life. Letcher never asked my brother if he thought the charges were appropriate. 

Josh was concerned that Miller’s prior time in prison was difficult on Miller and thought the charges brought against him for his actions on Feb. 16 were too harsh. 

Ultimately the charges were not amended and Miller was found guilty on all accounts including the attempted deliberate homicide charge. 

Miller’s actions put dozens of your community members' lives in danger on Feb. 16 when he drove on Highway 37 at a high rate of speed forcing cars off the road.  

In my opinion, Commissioner Letcher meddled with the legal system in an attempt to free his felonious buddy.

Clearly, your commissioner does not support due process and is willing to put the lives and safety of your community members at risk in order to fulfill his own personal agenda. 

Our family is grateful to Eureka first responders, Lincoln County community members, county and state attorneys, and the judicial system for their unwavering support for my brother during his recovery. 

You’ve all stepped up and worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of the community and fought for justice for my brother and all law enforcement. 

Commissioner Letcher, my brother last stood protecting your community. Why are you standing for a felon who brings drugs into your community, endangers your citizens, and attempts to kill those who protect and serve?


 Johanna Lesiak, Chester, Montana