Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Cut n Paste Journalism

| May 10, 2024 7:00 AM

America has many serious problems. One of the worst is main stream media’s near total political bias and failure to be accurate and unbiased — two bedrocks of quality journalism. 

A recent article in a local newspaper is a case in point.

Said paper cut (and pasted) from whole cloth an article from the Montana Free Press ... without checking facts regarding Senate candidate Tim Sheehy’s highly successful business, Bridger Aerospace in Belgrade. The MFP is nothing but a mouth piece for Sen. Jon Tester and Montana Democrats. It is not a newspaper, but a PR publication (some would say rag) for any and all liberal causes.

It is being sent to postal recipients all over the state in the guise of a “newspaper.” It is deceptive and dangerous on many fronts and represents the very worst in journalism.

Had they or the local paper done due diligence, they would know that Bridger Aerospace just went public (stock offerings) and this plus new and large capital investments in their cutting-edge fire fighting planes/equipment (the Super Scooper) give the appearance of “financial difficulties.” (See Business Insider magazine).

Why did the MFP and the local paper fail to mention that Sheehy gave $1 million to the Belgrade public library? Were he in financial trouble, could he have done so?

What if our local library received something similar from a Libby business? 

Sheehey is exactly the kind of person we need in the U.S. Senate. He has excellent business acumen, is a decorated Navy SEAL, a rancher and a family man. The smear campaign by the MFP (and by association) the local paper are yellow journalism at it’s worst. 

They should retract their statements and print an apology.

— C.A. Disney (graduate, WSU Edward R Murrow School of Journalism), Libby