Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Troy man gets suspended sentence for drug possession

The Western News | May 7, 2024 7:00 AM

A Troy man who recently pleaded guilty after a drug buy and alleged police pursuit earlier this year was sentenced to a 3-year suspended term on April 29 in district court.

Jesse David Rebo, 42, was first charged with felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs and a pair of misdemeanors, including fleeing from a police officer and driving on a suspended license.

On March 18, Rebo pleaded guilty to felony drug possession. The misdemeanor charges were dropped as part of a plea deal between public defender Ben Kolter and county Attorney Marcia Boris.

Rebo, who received credit for spending 119 days in the Lincoln County Detention Center, apologized for what we did and to arresting officer Brandon Holzer.

"I am seeking to make changes in my life, including treatment," Rebo said.

According to the probable cause statement by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brandon Holzer, he and Det. Dan Holskey were watching a known drug house in Troy on the afternoon of Jan. 2 when they saw Rebo arrive in a black pickup truck. A records check confirmed Rebo’s license is suspended.

Holzer reported an unknown person came out of the house and did a quick hand to hand exchange with Rebo, the court document said. Rebo then left the house and headed toward U.S. 2. When Holzer turned on his emergency lights in an attempt to get Rebo to stop, the defendant stopped at a stop sign. Holzer got out and told Rebo to pull over. Rebo acknowledged Holzer by his last name, said he was taking his truck home and sped off.

Holzer reported he pursued Rebo out of city limits and onto Manier Road where the defendant allegedly littered the officer’s vehicle with gravel and debris in an attempt to evade the officers. When Rebo came to a switch back, he put the truck into reverse. Holzer said he exited his patrol car, unholstered his service pistol and ran to the truck, demanding Rebo to stop.

Holzer reported that Rebo put the truck back into gear and drove erratically, fishtailing down the driveway. Holzer continued the pursuit before catching up to Rebo, who was standing in front of his home with his hands up, according to the court document. Det. Holskey then walked up near the second switchback near Rebo’s home and reported finding two bags with white, crystal substance inside. The substance allegedly field tested positive for meth.

When Holzer read Rebo his Miranda rights, the defendant allegedly admitted he knew the officers were trying to stop him and he also admitted to throwing the drugs out of the truck.

According to information from the Idaho Department of Corrections, Rebo has convictions for possession of a controlled substance in Kootenai and Bonner counties, Idaho.