Friday, April 12, 2024

Greenchain youth wrestlers ready for state Little Guy

by By JASON HARRINGTON Libby Wrestling Club
| March 22, 2024 7:00 AM

With one weekend left of the Western Montana Little Guy season, Greenchain wrestlers roll into the championship event with a great tournament to build from. 

Libby Wrestling Club did an amazing job in the Unit 1 & 2 Intervalley qualifier held in Arlee on March 15-16.

Performing this way in the second to last event means LWC coaches were correct! Our Greenchain wrestlers haven’t peaked and it’s looking promising for success in Polson on March 23.

The beginner group closed out their season with enthusiasm. I saw very good wrestling from LWC Beginners and I know it will fuel the novice, middle andjunior wrestlers who are competing this weekend to surpass their personal expectations.

Leading up to the season conclusion, LWC has experienced a small decline in participation numbers but not in practice room motivation. Naturally, kids experience illness and injury which keeps them off the mat at some point during the season. 

But, the group remaining in LWC practice have endured a lot to keep competing. It shows the dedication they have. It shows the kids see value in working hard and working through some of the tougher aspects of wrestling.

I saw very tough matches go in favor of LWC due to their grit. Talent level can improve with time and practice, but some things just can’t be taught. I am proud to see the fight these kids show!

Win or lose these wrestlers are showing up on the mat the very next time with ambition and it makes all the difference on how perception of individual and team success is rated in my book.

Coaches, parents and guardians are showing LWC how much they appreciate the time and energy their kids are putting in each week. They are examples to our athletes by keeping the club goals and expectations in the forefront. Conduct, sportsmanship, participation, effort, accountability, honesty and much more are things sports can teach kids. 

It’s up to the coaches, parents/guardians, and supporters to be that example. And that is what LWC is excelling at right now!

Our kids and supporters who luckily can stick it out through a difficult wrestling season have surprised me as a coach, parent and president of the club because they are looking forward to next year’s return of the kids who couldn’t continue! 

With wrestling being a very individual sport it’s encouraging to witness this kind of community mentality. I’ve never heard, or never noticed, a team of kids from the ages of 4 to 14 talk about TEAM the way these kids do. It’s apparent the program is going in a good direction and that is 90% due to the involvement of kids and their families, the integrity they hold and belief in Greenchain tradition!

Thank you to all the wrestlers in Libby who are preparing themselves for an excellent high school program. LWC aims to provide Libby Loggers with quality athletes and students and be the example for the kids making their way through the program on their way to high school.

Congratulations to LWC for their success in Arlee! Looking forward to a great championship weekend!!