Friday, April 12, 2024

In support of new library district

| March 1, 2024 7:00 AM

During my tenure with the county libraries it was a formative time regarding the long legacy of countywide library services, nationally recognized community networking, improvements to facilities and increased usage by multiple generations. 

This of course was only accomplished through the support of the county commissioners, library board, staff and citizens of Lincoln County. There is also long legacy of cutting edge services with several recognized at a national level, that happened during the 60-plus years from Lincoln County Librarian Inez Herrig. 

Lincoln County Libraries have a reputation and recognition of innovate and impactful library services at a local, regional and national level.     

It is my understanding, there is a campaign to vote upon a countywide library district and increased mill levy. Some of you may recall the 1997 successful library mill increase levy that was projected to last to 2007. 

Apparently, it surpassed that projection by 17 years which could be considered both a blessing and a curse. Because of course, which business and/or personal finances could sustain expenses the same as in 1997 today?

And yet it happened, until now.

Now it appears the likelihood of Lincoln County Public Library services are on the brink of closure. That would be a tragic message to send to future generations, let alone the economic impact, historical heritage and education of Lincoln County communities. 

No one wants to pay more taxes, but everyone wants an educated workforce, civic engagement, cultural heritage and historical sources to honor those who came before us and not repeat mistakes of the past that undo us.  

I urge you to support this library district campaign of the invaluable impact to Lincoln County, its citizens and future generations. 

Respectfully submitted,

Greta Chapman, retired Lincoln County Libraries Director