Friday, June 21, 2024

Retired justices back Jerry Lynch for Chief Justice

| April 26, 2024 7:00 AM

Will you please join us in voting for Jeremiah (Jerry) Lynch – the most qualified candidate for Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court.

Jerry was raised in Butte and he and his wife Teri (an educator) raised their family in Great Falls.

Jerry comes before the voters with years of public service as a U.S. Federal Magistrate judge and law clerk for Federal District Judge Paul Hatfield, and with years in the private practice of law. His is a distinguished legal career: he became a magistrate judge by merit selection, recommended by his peers.

He served on the Montana Board of Public Education and the Montana Board of Environmental Review.

Attorneys appearing before Jerry in his judicial capacity report that he is fair and impartial, follows the facts of the case and applies the appropriate law and that he is all business – he doesn’t put up with BS. We know Jerry to be a person of unimpeachable character and with the necessary experience and judicial temperament to serve as the Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court.

Importantly, Jerry is concerned, as we all should be, at the last several years of partisan attacks on Montana’s courts and judges – attacks designed to demonize and marginalize the courts and judges, destroy Constitutional checks and balances, and relegate the co-equal third branch of government to the status of a partisan lapdog and mouthpiece.

Jerry will fight to keep Montana’s courts as the fair, impartial, nonpartisan and independent tribunals they have been and are; he will follow precedent; and he will protect the rights guaranteed to each Montanan by our State Constitution.

Please join us in voting for Jerry Lynch for Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court.

Thank you.

Montana Supreme Court Justices (Ret.)

Patricia O. Cotter

W. William Leaphart

James C. Nelson

James A. Regnier

John Warner

Michael E. Wheat