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Paul Clifford Bunn

| September 15, 2023 7:00 AM

Paul Clifford Bunn, 85, was born in Miles City on March 31, 1938, to Clifford and Chloe Bunn.

Paul’s eternal optimism fueled his unquenchable desire to try new things. Paul was the oldest of four siblings, Mark Bunn, Miriam Haley and Chloe Fay Scott. The family survived the Great Depression era in spite of Clifford dying from pneumonia when Paul was only 12.

While growing up in Glendive, Paul achieved Eagle Scout honors. Through the aid of a math scholarship, he was able to graduate from Augustana College. From there, he met a Navy recruiter who took him on a jet ride to Minneapolis. He loved it, ultimately leading to his service during Vietnam. He was a radar intercept officer in F-4 Phantoms.

Upon his return to America, he decided to become a lawyer. He was accepted to Harvard, Duke and Montana.

His love for Montana and family led him back home. He subsequently married Sandra Meilinger. They lived in Missoula where she taught school and he attended law school. They moved to Chester where he practiced law for 10 years. Two children were born, Holly and Eric. Paul took up his third career in the 1980s after saving up money from the law practice. He became a South Dakota wheat farmer.

However, Holly was tragically killed by a drunk driver while attending college. A divorce ensued.

Paul moved to Columbia Falls where he took up his fourth career - as a real estate investor. His final years were spent in Libby and much time at beloved Bull Lake. Paul’s favorite endeavors over the years included working with the Blackfeet Nation’s pencil factory, Big Bud manufacturing, Meadow Lake golf course, the Charlie Russell train and Clash of the Carvers.

Paul loved to fly, loved to golf, loved racing horses and reveled in such even more when doing so with friends. His smiling eyes and deep-pitched chuckle will live on with us always.

Paul is survived by his siblings Miriam and Mark, his son Eric, his former daughter in law Jennifer, grandsons Avery and Owen, together with his former wife Sandra.

A private gathering will be held. Memorials can be made to Kootenai Country Montana Foundation.