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U.S. should focus on its problems, not the world's

| October 20, 2023 7:00 AM

The fact that nothing happened in America Oct. 13 on the "Global Day of Jihad" which was called for by a Hamas leader, just further shows that this latest iteration of the Israeli Palestinian war is not America's war.

Many were fearing a massive wave of terrorist attacks here, like the ones Hamas carried out in Israel over the previous weekend, but nothing happened. The conflict there has been going on there for 75 years, and it's not our problem.

We have plenty of our own problems. There are tragedies that happen around the world every day. We can't abandon our own citizens at the expense of Americans every time we see viral videos and news cycle about conflicts on the other side of the globe.

Yes it's sad. There's lots of sad things in the world. But America can't rob Peter to pay Paul. We have to take care of our citizens, our borders, and our country.

Remember Al-Qaeda attacked the United States on 9/11 not because they "hate our freedom" as the operation mocking bird assets all sung in concert, but because of our financial and military support for Israel which angers many Muslims around the world who side with the Palestinians in the ongoing territorial disputes in the region.

Years later when congressman Rand Paul said the 9/11 attacks were "blowback for decades of intervention in the Middle East" he was attacked for "blaming America," but the intelligence agencies and foreign policy experts know the truth.

Inside job/false flag theories aside, this was still the case. One of the most prominent "conspiracy theories" of what happened is the LIHOP hypothesis, the "let it happen on purpose" theory which doesn't negate Al Qaeda's hatred for America or their involvement in planning and carrying out the attacks on 9/11 (even if they were aided and directed by the CIA and other intelligence agencies).

This is why the Iranian government (and Muslim terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas etc.) call America the "Great Satan" and sometimes chant "Death to America."

We need to put America FIRST. This not our war. This is not our problem.

Those who make it our problem are only going to bring those problems to our shore again.

Eric Eveland, Libby