Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Is World War III on the horizon?

| March 10, 2023 7:00 AM

Our government is set to add $19 trillion in the next decade to our ballooning national debt, with interest payments set to surpass the defense budget by 2025.

Government induced inflation is choking our economy and the nation hemorrhages from 'forever wars,' adding trillions more to our debt.

The Congressional Budget Office says by 2034, Social Security must be cut 23% due to expected shortfalls. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration uses your tax dollars to pay Ukrainian pensions and just pledged another $500 million.

While millions of migrants pour into America, getting free healthcare and housing on the taxpayer dime, our government spends billions to protect the Ukrainian border – a conflagration that many predict will lead to World War III.

Our sovereignty is surrendered to global entities like the World Health Organization (WHO), now developing mandatory digital vaccine certificates that will crush your medical freedoms.

Article V of the Constitution allows State Legislatures to propose amendments to rein in the power of an overreaching Federal Government through a Convention of States (COS).

I was disappointed when 10 Montana Republican Senators sided with the likes of George Soros and numerous Marxist organizations by voting NO on SJ-2, a resolution supporting a COS.

Hopefully, by the next legislative session in 2025, our slumbering Montana Senate will wake up and smell the coffee before our Federal overlords drive the nation over a cliff.

Brent Smith, Libby