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Thompson SAR shares its mission with Libby youth

The Western News | June 9, 2023 7:00 AM

David Thompson Search and Rescue had a fun morning Friday with the Libby Elementary School second grade class as part of their field day.

Members put on mini sessions to help them understand the role of their Search and Rescue organization which has been operating for 54 years.

There were five stations, including the K-9 unit which works to help find lost people and the mountain unit which can set up rope systems that allow even a second grader to pull a truck easily.

They also learned how to load a litter with a patient and move them over rough terrain as well as the effects of hypothermia by challenging them to pick pennies out of ice water for one minute.

Team member Noah Pyle said the record was 30 and everyone learned how cold effects a person’s ability to do a simple task.

The last station showed the kids how to work as a team to rescue someone who has fallen into the water.

“The second graders had almost as fun as our members who took the time to put on the stations,” Pyle said in a social media post.


A Libby second grade student throws a rescue bag during the class's field day at the David Thompson Search and Rescue barn on Friday, June 2. (Scott Shindledecker/The Western News)


David Thompson Search and Rescue's Sam Pifer explains to the Libby second grade class how a rope system can be used to rescue or move large objects in dangerous terrain at Riverfront Park on Friday, June 2. (Scott Shindledecker/The Western News)