Thursday, February 22, 2024

Citizen claims vote tabulators are not honest

| January 17, 2023 7:00 AM

In 2023, we’ll become better informed about our US govt all the way down to the county and city levels.

WHY? Because we see the need to become Citizen Investigators. IF we don’t do the investigating, who will do it for us? For instance, who will investigate our county’s election process?

The dept. in charge seems to be honest, but the tabulating machines they employ are not. Contractually, we’re not allowed to see the source code and all our tabulators are suspect. Period.

33,000 ES&S tabulators were delivered for the last election cycle and all had internet connectors built into them (modems).

That means our county-wide statistics (manipulated by the machines) matched other MT counties through algorithmic graphs.

I learned this from The Montana Election Integrity Project (MEIP); and it so happens that they will be coming to Lincoln County soon to educate us about potential fraud.

All of us are invited to attend and learn.

Remember it’s the machines that our election administrators and the Secretary of State like to use that are of primary concern, as well as inflated voter rolls; then considering the rules for counting ballots at the precinct level and the chain of custody of those ballots comes next.

MEIP is hoping that Dr. Douglas Frank, who is nationally recognized in his election research, will come to Lincoln County in the near future to educate us about problems perpetrated through the machines, inflated voter rolls, and what we can do about it all.

Dianne Hansen, Eureka