Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Former Libby Police Commissioner sounds off on officer resignations

| January 3, 2023 7:00 AM

As a former Libby City Police Commissioner that has worked with Chief Kessel and my fellow commissioners to recommend the hiring of numerous patrol officers that also included the three that took a grievance with their Chief.

I am left with an overwhelming feeling that these former officers showed insubordination, lack of moral character, dereliction of duty to the oath of that of a peace officer.

I know that the actions of the three former officers needs to be reviewed by The Libby Police Commission to see if formal complaints are

warranted to P.O.S.T. against the officers! Chief Scott Kessel deserves better than a mutiny played out by officers that knew a path to file a formal grievance but chose to try embarrass their boss to get their own way.

Instead they rightfully have embarrassed themselves and hopefully earned themselves a POST investigation and loss of credentials!

I don't tolerate insubordination!

Former Libby City Police Commissioner, Arlen Magill

Taylor, Arizona