Tuesday, February 07, 2023

The big lie of the big lie

| January 3, 2023 7:00 AM

If an accusation is worse than the truth, then would the truth be ok, and not a threat to our Republic, if the accusation proves true?

Or in school terms, do you believe that a student accused of cheating is worse than a student caught cheating?

Which is worse: the imperative to believe the Big Lie or the imperative to perpetuate the Big Lie? Do both not have the same goal...to win or stay in office?

So what is it that spurs this along? Using the Big Lie as a tool to denounce candidates as "Trumpers" looking to roll America back to the 1950s social injustice, is ok.

But using the Big Lie to thwart the evils of socialism (as history has shown to be true) or the divisional teachings of woke ideology, is bad.

Good or Bad, I agree it must Stop.

To stop it and to remove suspicion, the 2020 elections need to be fully investigated. If Biden was fairly elected, it will be shown as such.

On the other hand it may show otherwise... it may sadly show what then candidate Biden said on Oct 29th, 2020... "We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization, and you did it for Obama before me, in the history of American politics."...to be true.

We all know that the truth hurts those who fear it.

To state that the "argument" over the possibility that the 2020 elections were fraudulent is untrue is an untruth in itself.

And to state that it threatens our democracy is a joke! What has occurred to prove the results were not fraudulent? All the cases brought before the courts were thrown out on technicalities, not merit.

That's the same as saying a rape case which is dismissed on a technicality means the rape didn't happen. I think it odd that anyone would think that "questing" election results threatens the rule of law or endangers the survival of justice here in America, in our Republic.

The only rational reasoning behind such an assumtion would be the discovery that the 2020 election was in reality fraudulent. No other explaination supports the perpetuation by the democrats of the Big Lie. It has been established that irregularities occurred, that in some States their election laws and protocols were broken.

Some counties even reported having more that 100% voter turn out - nothing to see here folks. These abnormalities and others have yet to be fully investigated.

I agree that patriotic citizens support people and policies that help improve the lives of Americans. And that true patriots want to strengthen our democracy, not create problems that don't exist. (Sounds like Trumps four years) Unfortunately Biden's administration hasn't done any of that! As we now bare the plunt disstructiveness of woke gender ideology, ESG, the teachings of the absurd critical race theory, an invasion at our southern border and policies that have lead to the most ruinous economy in 40 years.

As to the 2022 elections, the good teacher is pleased how it was conducted. But that's not what he wrote about, is it. I believe that to wave the stars and stripes, even if your canndidates didn't win in an election "Is" the most patriotic of jesters.

Showing that you still have faith, loyalty and love in your country and it's institutions! Anyone who tries to twist it around otherwise is not only being untrue to themselves, but also to their country, to America.

Robert Edmundson, Libby