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Regressive energy policy hurts Montana

| February 21, 2023 7:00 AM

Most Americans are aware that fossil fuel use is causing massive climatic disruption.

The faster we lessen our dependence on fossil fuels, the less damage and suffering we will experience. So, it would seem prudent that our

legislators would be passing bills that support and encourage the transition to non-fossil fuel energy.

Given that Montana is ranked fifth in the nation for wind energy potential, and even has decent solar energy potential, you’d think there would be an effort to support renewable energy development.

But, no.

Our legislators are doubling down on fossil fuels and a hotter planet with a whole slew of bills.

Not only will we all suffer more from a deteriorating climate, but Montana will be short-changed economically as other states fill in the void with competitive renewable energy programs.

Oil king Texas produces three times more wind energy than any other state, while Montana refuses to cash in on this incredibly viable resource. Wind is smart business.

We can certainly debate about the best policies to facilitate the transition to renewable energy, but to run hard in the other direction is simply a dereliction of duty.

Contact Senator Cuffe, Rep. Gunderson and Rep. Duram, and let them know that deliberately slowing Montana’s transition to renewable energy is terrible policy.

Kris Newgard, Troy, Montana