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Libby man's retort to alternative energy sources

| February 3, 2023 7:00 AM

I'm not sure Kris Newgard understands that wind and solar farms are currently, nor will in the near future, ever be considered a reliable or viable energy source.

And no such farm would ever be a competitive renewable energy least not without tax-payer subsidies. Which makes the actual cost of such energy even higher!

Nor do I believe that Kris understands the environmental degradation these farms cause. As to the idea that we are all going to suffer massive climate disruptions: let's look back on the dooms-day-sayers ...the polar caps will be no more (still here and more bears than 20 yrs ago), the glaciers will be gone in 20 yrs (Glacier Nat'l Park removed such signs last yr), costal cities will be underwater (they're not), “natural” disasters will be bigger, worst and more often year after year (didn't happen).

Remember, Yellow Journalism sells and Fear caused people not to think clearly. Extreme environmentalist, politicians and the media have been stirring the pot for years. At first the Green Peace movement and the like showed concern for the, water and air... now these organizations chase greenbacks instead.

No one who cares and loves our planet would ever put up a wind farm, and some styles of solar farms, as they are today, because hundreds of thousands of bats, birds of prey and sea birds die, are killed yearly across the world, from them. Let's not have Montana add to those numbers!

And don't forget that the blades and panels are not biodegradable and thus cause even more environmental destruction upon our earth.

Now I'm not saying green energy production is bad or not needed. But it works better at the individual and on small scale operations where the infrastructure needn't be tax-payer subsidized and the consumers benefit directly.

A better solution for Montana, to do its fair share, would be to utilize the state's waterways and install Waterotors (go to

These ingenious machines are environmentally friendly and can bring more power to more people and tap into our current power grid!

So until the cost (without tax-payer subsidies), reliability and infrastructure of green energy is efficient, let's not weaken our economy or our Nation's security by cutting off our nose in spite of our face.

Don't believe me? Please view the Prager University videos listed below.

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Robert Edmundson Libby, Montana