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Ballot issues leave county resident concerned for 2024 election

| December 1, 2023 7:00 AM

Dear editor,

I am saddened and depressed as I write this letter.

I’m reminded of the feelings of a (then) Japanese-American girl who, although a citizen by virtue of having been born here, was put in an internment (prison) camp during World War II.

My wife and I and a bunch of other people did not receive ballots for the Nov. 7 school bond and marijuana tax election.

When our ballots were somewhat late, I called the election office in Libby. They told me I could come to Libby to get our ballots. I went to our Eureka county commissioner and asked if our ballots could be faxed up here and he said no.

Since the county elections office claimed to have mailed our ballots, he said the problem had to be with the postal service. Funny, I have never before failed to get something that was mailed to me. I went to the school superintendent’s office and told them of the problem, also the Tobacco Valley News.

Over the first few days after the election, I asked about two dozen friends if they had received their ballots. Including us, there were eight who had not received them. This is over 30% not receiving ballots. Put together with some other figures obtained from the county election department, I wind up suspicious of the 94% election participation quoted by Superintendent Graves.

So far, I feel almost alone in my effort to bring this situation to light so that the November 2024 election won’t be an equal disaster, maybe.

I hope the county commissioners will give the elections people any further support that they need, including further education about their jobs, if that seems to be needed.

I would encourage the readers of this letter to check with your friends as to whether they received their ballots. I am not complaining about how the election turned out - that part suits me entirely.


Ray Jacobs, Eureka