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Necessity is the mother of invention, so......

| April 25, 2023 7:00 AM

If you have ever had a desire to see a betterment in Washington, D.C. for where the interest of and in America comes before politics, before we have another civil war?

Where deep state interest, bought and paid for career politicians, unelected bureaucrats pushing regulations that skirt lawful implementation and judicial overreach or inaction isn't floundering America?

  • The athlete know you have to work all your muscle groups to strengthen your body.
  • The artist knows that you need to work the full spectrum of your medium to achieve the final piece.
  • The musician knows they to weave the notes together and incorporate the lyrics to produce their song.
  • The Founding Fathers knew that you need to use all of the Constitution in order to make a more perfect Union. That is why Article V was installed, a necessity!

It makes little, well, no sense at all to fear a tool designed to allow us to work in harmony while strengthening the sovereignty of not only each state in the union, but it's citizens!

It makes little, well, no sense to bunker down and dismiss what all of us all know needs to be done (put more control on the expanding over-reach and intrusions into our lives by the federal government), and cower, to cause paralysis and to perpetuate the status-quo rather than boldly grasp the full medium of our Constitution and allow our states to weave together solutions!

Nicolae Cluca, Romania's Prime Minister said that "a vision without an action plan is an hallucination" and I agree completely. That is why I urge you by all means possible to go to! See that there is a plan of action in place to bring about a betterment in Washington, D.C. and regain State sovereignty for a better America for all Americans!

Right now the Montana legislature is working on implementing the states participation to an Article V constitutional convention!

We must not let this opportunity slip away! Please contact the members of the House Judiciary and urge them to support SB211!

Concerned for our children's America.

Robert Edmundson, Libby