Friday, December 08, 2023

Montana's most important election in 2022

| September 30, 2022 7:00 AM

The Montana Supreme Court is one of the most over turned courts in the U.S.

In rankings for independence/impartiality, the MT Supreme Court ranks near the bottom of all 50 states. (that means it is controlled by others)

So erroneous are it’s rulings, higher courts repeatedly over rule it.

It is sometimes called the ‘I-15 Court’ as it is controlled by high end trial lawyers along the I-15 corridor in Helena...THE seat of power and money in our state. The MT Trial Lawyers & Bar Association spend millions to place who THEY want on our Supreme Court ...we commoners be darned.

It is not a court of and for and by the people. Repeatedly, they see fit to challenge/over throw the

laws passed by our elected legislators & Governor based on nothing more than their own views...not on good law and the Constitution. Additionally, they are literally years behind in hearing civil cases which means they aren’t doing their job.

This can be changed this election cycle by voting for James Brown. He will bring integrity back to our highest state court. He is a fourth generation Montanan, has his own private law practice and is currently the head of the MT Public Service Commission (the folks who go to bat for you when phone, power, etc., companies do you wrong).

He is a strong Constitutionalist, fully supports the rule of law and law enforcement.

Conversely, Brown’s opponent, the incumbent, Ingrid Gayle Gustafson, during her time as a Yellowstone County judge, had the dubious distinction of being the most recused judge by litigants: meaning her impartiality was highly questioned.

She opposes 2nd Amendment rights, values terminating the life of a baby more than the Constitution, got the lowest rating of any judge in support for small businesses and is weak on crime.

The MT Trial Lawyers have already given her millions in campaign funds.

The MT Supreme Court is under investigation but refuses to cooperate. It won’t clean itself up and evades efforts to do so. It seems they think that THEY are above the law. They forget that they are but ONE branch of our government.

Now is a good time to begin reforming the court by placing impartial judges of integrity, skill and balance on it.

James Brown is just such a candidate.

C.A. Disney, Libby