Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Trout Creek man's thoughts on Zinke,Tranel

| September 16, 2022 7:00 AM

Montana needs politicians who support Montana and Montanans.

That’s not Mr. Zinke’s priority. The majority of his campaign funds are from outside Montana and from corporate interests.

Only 6% of his campaign funds comes from Montanans. Combining that paltry 6% with Montana corporate donations, it rises to a scant 15%, leaving 85% of his campaign funds coming from out of state.

Over one-third of this funding comes from Texas, Florida, Georgia and the D.C. area. He will be seriously beholden to groups and individuals outside of Montana.

It is likely Zinke will mislead and lie about how he will serve Montana. It has been proven that he acted so when he was Sec. of Interior.

Montanans need a Representative whose main campaign funds are from Montanans and Montana groups.

We need a Representative who is honest and beholden to Montanans.

That person is Monica Tranel.

Monica Tranel received over 75% of her donations from Montanans for the same time period. Monica will represent Montanans not out-of-staters.

Monica is a full- time resident of Montana. Zinke isn’t.

Monica is also honest and hasn’t been found to be misleading and lying by the very government she would serve.

Ernest Scherzer

Trout Creek, Montana