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Traveling couple finds open arms in Libby

| September 16, 2022 7:00 AM

To the editor of The Western News and the community of Libby.

This week we were travelling through Montana on western wander. Of course we loved Glacier National Park. We don’t have that kind of mountain beauty in Wisconsin, where we live.

But frankly a highlight of our trip was our stop in Libby. It was out of necessity, at first. We needed a repair on our camper van (shock absorber).

A phone call to Montana Machine at 5:30 one evening brought us the welcome news. They could get us in for a repair first thing in the morning.

We went to Veteran’s Memorial Park to spend the evening. There, John D., a volunteer at the Search and Rescue group, chatted with us, and recommended to us a good place to camp that night, close to town in order to make our early morning appointment at the shop.

We arrived for our appointment at 6 a.m., Cody and Michelle had us out of the shop in two hours.

Because of the great service, we went to Rosauer’s where we found some friendly staff and delicious donuts to bring back to the mechanics.

We walked the paths at the beautiful J. Neils Memorial Park. We had a delicious lunch at Rosita’s. Then, we found some items at the consignment shops in town, and friendly service. We enjoyed looking at the setting up of the log carving event.

Then we stopped in the office of The Western News. There we had a long friendly conversation with Suzanne Resch, who knew our hometown, La Crosse, Wisconsin, well.

We just want to say how helpful and welcoming we found, Libby to be.

When one is travelling, this open and helpful attitude means so much. We thank you for such a warm reception to Libby.


Carol Kratz and Drake Hokanson

La Crosse, Wisconsin