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Protecting the right to know in Montana Constitution

| October 28, 2022 7:00 AM

The Montana Constitution is an admirable work, and I marvel at it because, being from Colorado, not even our state constitution can compare to it.

Recently, "the right to know" in the Montana Constitution has caught my eye. I want to know what my legislators are doing and how their choices behind closed doors will impact my life.

How it will affect my neighbor's life, my friend's life, heyy...maybe even my dog's life.

I want to be in the know, and I want to be in a room where things happen metaphorically. If these people claimed to care about us, they would be transparent with us.

If they had nothing to hide, there would be no need to revise this law.

This is why we should support the Montana Constitution, which has the right to know inside of it.

On November 8, you should vote to protect the Montana Constitution at the Ballot Box.

Makena Howard, Missoula