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Tranel says Montanans have fueled her faith

| November 4, 2022 7:00 AM

As I’ve campaigned for Congress, I’ve confirmed what I always knew in my heart: Montana is an amazing place and Montanans are amazing people.

I have driven 45,000 miles, and met thousands of people in our new district. I have attended hundreds of events, in small and large groups, and participated in fairs, parades, rodeos and pow wows. For me, this campaign for Congress has become a voyage of discovery.

What have I discovered? I have discovered you. I have discovered how much we all have in common – shared values, shared sense of place, shared challenges. I have discovered that the opportunity to have a new voice in Congress is not about me, it is about you. About your dreams. About your concerns.

When I began this journey, I was already a firm believer in the 230-year American experiment in democracy - the longest continuously functioning democracy in the world. 18 months later, my abiding faith in democracy has been confirmed, and is stronger than it ever was.

If I could give Montana one gift, it would be for all Montanans to see our home, and our democracy, through my eyes, at the end of this journey. Knowing you has fueled my faith in our representative form of government.

Of course you know it isn’t perfect. You know it can be better. Your desire for effective representation in the House of Representatives has provided me with a renewed sense of mission. I live in Montana. I work in Montana. It is my home, where I am raising my children.

Over all these miles and after all these encounters, my commitment to Montana has become a commitment to you. I pledge to live up to your expectations.

Thank you. I hope to see you again and again on the trail.

Monica Tranel, Missoula