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Libby resident supports Teske for county commissioner seat

| November 4, 2022 7:00 AM

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter to inform the citizens of Lincoln County, that Brent Teske is an excellent choice for County Commissioner District 1.

I regularly attend the Commissioner meetings and on Oct. 26 Commissioner Teske proved his worth to Lincoln County.

First, the EPA and International Paper presented information on the Groundwater Superfund site in Libby.

Commissioner Teske exhibited his expertise and knowledge of the topic, passed on information to the EPA that they were not aware of, which will impact their decisions moving forward, and most importantly he asked directly who will pay for the $7 million project being proposed; it’s International Paper.

Second, Stahly Engineering talked about the bridges in the county. Commissioner Teske is knowledgeable on this topic and understands the “problem bridges” throughout the county and he explained that they cannot be addressed, by the State or County, because of FWP permitting.

Most of these bridges are dealt with only during an emergency.

Finally, Lincoln County consider that Brent Teske is a husband, father and grandfather. He is a Navy veteran, former member of Libby Law Enforcement and Emergency Management, and was the Mayor of Libby until his appointment as Lincoln Commissioner, Dist. 1, last year.

He, in my opinion, is very connected and dedicated to Lincoln County and it’s long-term responsible development and preservation.

Vote for Brent Teske (R) on Nov. 8.

Veronica Bovee-Anderson, Libby