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Eureka woman says Zinke is too corrupt for Montana

| November 1, 2022 7:00 AM

It’s up to all of us to to demand decency and integrity from our public servants in Montana.

We shouldn’t vote for someone as inept and corrupt as Ryan Zinke just because he has a ‘R ‘after his name. It’s only been three years since he resigned from the Interior Department amid a series of ethics scandals and federal investigations — does he think Montanans forget, or that we are too dumb to know?

I find it truly audacious that someone with this history of corruption would turn around after being basically fired from Trump’s cabinet and run for office in Montana - AND that we would even entertain his candidacy.

I worked for the Glacier National Park Conservancy when Zinke was “running” the Interior Department, and making an utter mess of the National Park Service, which he left rudderless and non-functional by failing to appoint a director for more than two years.

His only “accomplishment" before resigning as Secretary was to illegally carve up national parks and monuments like Bears Ears.

Zinke’s only allegiance is to his out of state donors. He lives primarily in Santa Barbara, and has only bothered to show up for 3 out of 17 debates here in Montana, where he’s failed to answer any questions about his corruption. He has zero accomplishments in public service. He cares only about how he can profit off of his position.

Unlike Zinke, Monica Tranel believes the Montana she grew up in is slipping away, and shouldn’t become a place where everyday Montanans – farmers, ranchers, workers and small business owners - can’t get ahead.

Please, vote for Monica Tranel and take back small town Montana integrity and honesty.

Nikki Eisinger, Eureka