Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Not in favor or wilderness proposal

| May 27, 2022 7:00 AM

A 2022, congressional proposal (HR 1755) to create more wilderness acres in Montana, I am not in favor of.

Northwest Montana is already home to the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Great Bear Wilderness, Scapegoat Wilderness, Mission Mountain Wilderness and the Rattlesnake Wilderness and National Recreation Area. Is that enough? Well then, consider the fact that Montana hosts eleven (11) national forests totaling seventeen (17) million acres with ample designated roadless areas. Additionally, within Montana’s border are Glacier National Park, many scenic areas, wildlife and waterfowl preserves, state parks and tribal reservations. I think that we have enough government land.

What we don’t have enough of is support for all manner of Forestry professionals for their practical and proven methods of managing forests. Integral to accomplishing healthy forests is the attitude that, if at all possible, forest fires should be fought promptly and before they become uncontrollable. This means fuel reduction, especially in the wild land urban interface (WUI.) But getting any USFS management plan past serial litigationists and certain judges is a major problem. For the most part wilderness lands are managed by nature.

Let’s bolster the efforts of all Montana landowners to manage our forested lands with the highest priority focused on fuel reduction and prompt fire suppression. Professional, practical and common sense forestry will assist nature in providing a healthy environment for all living species.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lincoln County Residents: John K. Beebe, Teddye Beebe, Marie Cripe, Rebecca Caldwell, Rocke Gifford, Dean Crabtree, Valerie Crabtree, Charlotte Woods, M. Jeffrey Barger, Bobbie Christenot, Cliff Christenot, Gene Decker, Lorraine Decker, Leland Kibler, Linda Gerard, Mick Shea, Bob Windom, Rita Windom, Alvin Benitz, Louise Benitz, Diana Hicks, Steve Gunderson