Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Letters to the editor May 24

| May 24, 2022 7:00 AM

Supports Todd of Congress

I heard four presentations in Butte from our main Republican Western Congressional District candidates. The one that impressed me the most was Mary Todd.

Of course, Dr. Al Olszewski and Ryan Zinke, our past representative at large, were there. Both gave standard campaign speeches, and both touted their military and civilian experiences. But I was most impressed with Mary Todd. She was fresh and dynamic. She did not dwell on her past accomplishments but simply explained that, after suffering a personal tragedy and seeking justice, she had witnessed firsthand the corruption and the indifference rampant in our Capital. Now she wants the opportunity to do what she can to make a difference. Of course, she will be one of 435 representatives, but she will stand out because of her spirit and determination. Her brief time on the stage showed me that she will be decisive, sincere, and spot-on with what needs to be done to right the good ship America. She will not quit in midstream if the water gets a little rough. As our representative she will put Montana first, then America. She will stay the course --- for us. I believe she will be an outstanding representative for Montana, and she will have my vote.

— Andy Johnson, Butte

Olszewski for Congress

Montana is fortunate to be able to send a second congressman to represent us in Washington D.C.

Dr. Al is by far the best qualified candidate for this second seat in the House of Representatives.

We need conservative representation now more than ever.

-He is a 3rd generation Montanan, grew up in Great Falls

-He is an Air Force veteran.

-He has successfully represented us in the Montana Legislature for five years.

-He was a part owner of a medical clinic in Kalispell and knows that a budget has to be balanced.

-He is not a career politician and supports term limits.

-He is Pro-Life, Pro-Natural resources, pro 2nd Amendment.

-He knows the value of hard work.

-He is a man of integrity and can not be bought by special interests.

You can vote with confidence for Dr. Al, a husband, father, highly regarded surgeon, who lives and practices what he believes in.

— Elsa Putzier, Bigfork