Saturday, August 13, 2022

Lutheran Church, Montana District, questions presence of drag queen

| June 24, 2022 7:00 AM

Dear Editor,

Doctors do not warn their patients against unhealthy behaviors because they hate them.

Lawyers do not warn their clients against unhealthy behaviors because they hate them. Mothers and fathers do not warn their children against unhealthy behaviors because they hate them.

Christians do not warn their neighbors against unhealthy behaviors because they hate them.

Christians, above all, want what is best for their neighbors.

At its recent convention, the Montana District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, warned their neighbors against the unhealthy behavior of drag queen performances aimed at children by saying, in part:

“Our Lord Jesus especially blessed little children during His earthly ministry and issued a vivid warning to those who would endanger the innocence of children. Each child deserves the protection and care not only of his parents, but also of the community.

“This fact is recognized in the Montana law against obscenity aimed at children. Inviting a drag queen to perform for children is intended to introduce children to sexually explicit themes. Since Zoo Montana of Billings has invited a drag queen to do this on June 22, 2022, our church body goes on record stating that such a performance is unhealthy for the children, an offense to God and to all decent people.”

Dear Christians, do not submit to the spirit of the age. In confidence cling to the truth of His Word and the redemption that comes from Jesus only.

Terry Forke

President-Montana District, The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod