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A Call To Fathers

| June 21, 2022 7:00 AM

It is a sobering thing to be a dad and grand dad. It is full of challenges, blessings, responsibilities and a privilege that is easily taken for granted.

If ever there were a time for fathers to take their role seriously and step up, it is now.

Fathers who would love, lead, provide and protect their family. Fathers who would be like Joshua in the Bible who proclaimed “but as for me and my house we will serve the LORD.”

We need more fathers like Joshua who had the courage to stand up against any enemy, even in his old age.

As we see the morality of our society rapidly deteriorating around us, are there still some courageous dads out there?

A dad who would stand against this world which wants to destroy your family. A world that revels in its shame and it is happening here in Libby, Montana.

The homosexual agenda takes pride in displaying their sin and even claims family friendliness amid debased perversion. Their plan is to host a gay pride event at the Libby Riverfront Park on July 9th.

I can not imagine any father that would want to expose his child or any child to this destructive lifestyle.

Please dads/granddads, be the protector of your children/grandchildren and be the sheepdog in this community for all our children’s sake.

Dave Donnerberg

Libby, MT