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Legals for June, 10 2022

| June 10, 2022 12:00 AM

Public Notice Announcement for USEPA UIC Permit Action: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 8 intends to issue an Underground Injection Control (UIC) permit-related action, under the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act and UIC Program regulations. A decision to issue a permit would authorize Dan-o's Car Wash to inject fluid, not to exceed 2,500 (two thousand five hundred) gallons per day, limited to carwash overflow of graywater into a Class V well. The facility address is 31544 US-2, Libby, Montana 59923. EPA will be issuing a public notice of this proposed action and requesting comment on its website at, for a minimum of 30 days. Notification of any extension of the public comment period will appear at the web address only and will not appear in this newspaper. Alternatively, the public may contact Omar Sierra-Lopez by email at or by phone at (800) 227-8917, extension 312-7045 or (303) 312-7045, to obtain information about the proposed action or to be added to the notification list for any extension of the public comment period and any final EPA decision. Published In The Western News June 10, 2022. MNAXLP

NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE To be sold for cash at a Trustee's Sale on October 11, 2022, at 02:00 PM outside the North door steps at the Lincoln County Courthouse located at 512 California Avenue, Libby, MT 59923, the following described real property situated in Lincoln County, State of Montana: Lot 1 of Leo Orsborn Lots, being a part of the SE1/4SE1/4NE1/4 of Sec. 9, Twp.30N.,R.31W., P.M.M., described on Plat No. 1282 on the in the office of the Clerk and Recorder of Lincoln County, Montana. More commonly known as 160 Cedar Street Ext, Libby, MT 59923. Dan Duff Also Known As Daniel B. Duff and Millie L. Duff, as Grantors, conveyed said real property to Title Source, Inc., as Trustee, to secure an obligation owed to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as designated nominee for Quicken Loans Inc., Beneficiary of the security instrument, its successors and assigns, by Deed of Trust dated on November 22, 2013, and filed for record in the records of the County Clerk and Recorder in Lincoln County, State of Montana, on December 5, 2013 as Instrument No. 248781, in Book 351, at Page 73, of Official Records. The Deed of Trust was assigned for value as follows: Assignee: Quicken Loans, LLC Assignment Dated: May 20, 2020 Assignment Recorded: June 15, 2020 Assignment Recording Information: as Instrument No. 285886, in Book 382, at Page 843 All in the records of the County Clerk and Recorder for Lincoln County, Montana. Jason J. Henderson is the Successor Trustee pursuant to a Substitution of Trustee recorded in the office of the Clerk and Recorder of Lincoln County, State of Montana, on May 23, 2022, as Instrument No. 300869, in Book 396, at Page 995, of Official Records. The Beneficiary has declared a default in the terms of said Deed of Trust due to the Grantor(s) failure to make monthly payments beginning February 1, 2020, and each month subsequent, which monthly installments would have been applied on the principal and interest due on said obligation and other charges against the property or loan. By reason of said default, the Beneficiary has declared all sums owing on the obligation secured by said Trust Deed immediately due and payable. The total amount due on this obligation is the principal sum of $94,645.76, interest in the sum of $10,351.80, escrow advances of $4,748.69, other amounts due and payable in the amount of $763.12 for a total amount owing of $110,509.37, plus accruing interest, late charges, and other fees and costs that may be incurred or advanced. The Beneficiary anticipates and may disburse such amounts as may be required to preserve and protect the property and for real property taxes that may become due or delinquent, unless such amounts of taxes are paid by the Grantor. If such amounts are paid by the Beneficiary, the amounts or taxes will be added to the obligations secured by the Deed of Trust. Other expenses to be charged against the proceeds of this sale include the Trustee's fees and attorney's fees, costs and expenses of the sale, and late charges, if any. Beneficiary has elected, and has directed the Trustee to sell the above described property to satisfy the obligation. The sale is a public sale and any person, including the Beneficiary, excepting only the Trustee, may bid at the sale. The bid price must be paid immediately upon the close of bidding in cash or cash equivalents (valid money orders, certified checks or cashier's checks). The conveyance will be made by Trustee's Deed, without any representation or warranty, including warranty of title, express or implied, as the sale is made strictly on an as-is, where-is basis, without limitation, the sale is being made subject to all existing conditions, if any, of lead paint, mold or other environmental or health hazards. The sale purchaser shall be entitled to possession of the property on the 10th day following the sale. The Grantor, successor in interest to the Grantor, or any other person having an interest in the property, has the right, at any time prior to the Trustee's Sale, to pay to the Beneficiary, or the successor in interest to the Beneficiary, the entire amount then due under the Deed of Trust and the obligation secured thereby (including costs and expenses actually incurred and attorney's fees) other than such portion of the principal as would not then be due had no default occurred and by curing any other default complained of herein that is capable of being cured by tendering the performance required under the obligation or to cure the default, by paying all costs and expenses actually incurred in enforcing the obligation and Deed of Trust with Successor Trustee's and attorney's fees. In the event that all defaults are cured the foreclosure will be dismissed and the foreclosure sale will be canceled. The scheduled Trustee's Sale may be postponed by public proclamation up to 15 days for any reason. In the event of a bankruptcy filing, the sale may be postponed by the Trustee for up to 120 days by public proclamation at least every 30 days. If the Trustee is unable to convey title for any reason, the successful bidder's sole and exclusive remedy shall be the return of monies paid to the Successor Trustee and the successful bidder shall have no further recourse. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Dated this 27th day of May, 2022. s/s Jason J. Henderson Substitute Trustee 38 2nd Avenue East, Dickinson, ND 58601 801-355-2886 Mon.-Fri., 8AM-5PM (MST) File No. MT11515 Published In The Western News June 10, 17, & 24, 2022. MNAXLP

C. Mark Hash Hash, O'Brien, Biby & Murray, PLLP Attorneys at Law 136 1st Ave. West P. O. Box 1178 Kalispell, MT 59903-1178 (406) 755-6919 Attorneys for Personal Representative MONTANA NINETEENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, LINCOLN COUNTY IN RE THE ESTATE OF DAVID A. STRAND Deceased Cause No. DP-22-71 NOTICE TO CREDITORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed personal representative of the above-named estate. All persons having claims against the said deceased are required to present their claims within four months after the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. Claims must be either mailed to Peggy S. Strand, the Personal Representative, by certified mail, return receipt requested, c/o Hash, O'Brien, Biby & Murray, PLLP, Attorneys at Law, P.O. Box 1178, Kalispell, Montana 59903-1178, or filed with the Clerk of the above-entitled Court. DATED this 2nd day of June 2022 s/ Peggy S. Strand Personal Representative Hash, O'Brien, Biby & Murray, PLLP By s/ C Mark Hash Published In The Western News June 10, 17, & 24, 2022. MNAXLP

Kelly R. O'Brien MEASURE LAW, P.C. 128 2nd Street East P.O. Box 918 Kalispell, Montana 59903 Phone: (406) 752-6373 Fax: (406) 752-7168 Attorneys for Estate of Daniel M. Ooley MONTANA ELEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, LINCOLN COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF DANIEL M. OOLEY, Deceased No. DP-22-68 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Hon. Matthew J. Cuffe, Judge________________________ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that STEPHANIE SOLIS has been appointed as Personal Representative of the above-named estate, and that the address of the Personal Representative is set forth below. All persons or creditors having claims against the decedent are required to present their claims within four (4) months after the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. A written statement of the claim indicating its basis, the name and address of the claimant, and the amount claimed, may be filed with the Clerk of the District Court, at Libby, Lincoln County, Montana, and mailed, Return Receipt Requested, to Personal Representative, Stephanie Solis, c/o Measure Law, P.C., Attorneys for the Estate of Daniel M. Ooley, at P.O. Box 918, Kalispell, MT 59903. DATED: May 19, 2022 /s/ STEPHANIE SOLIS Personal Representative Estate of Daniel M. Ooley, Deceased. MEASURE LAW, P.C. By: /s/ Kelly R. O'Brien Attorneys for Estate of Daniel M. Ooley Published In The Western News May 27, June 3, & 10, 2022. MNAXLP

Public Notice DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND CONSERVATION TIMBER SALE The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Libby Unit is proposing a timber harvest on approximately 165 acres of State Trust Land located in T31N, R29W, Sec. 12 within the Cripple Horse Creek drainage. A brief description of the proposed action is listed below. Preliminary estimates indicate that approximately 1 - 1.5 million board feet of timber would be harvested. Approximately 1 mile of new road construction, approximately 0.6 miles of road re-construction and approximately 1.6 miles of road maintenance would be required to access timber. Ground based tractor logging systems would be utilized on approximately all acres. Proposed silvicultural harvest treatments would include shelterwood, seed tree, and/or commercial thinning. Follow-up treatments could include machine piling and scarification, slash burning, noxious weed spraying, hand planting tree seedlings and pre-commercial thinning. Road construction and harvest activities could begin during 2023. This timber sale is part of a program managing forested State Trust Land for revenue to support the Capital Buildings Trust. The Department would like the public's input regarding the proposal to harvest timber on this parcel. Those interested should address written comments to: Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Attention: Dave Marsh, 177 State Lands Office Road, Libby, MT 59923, or E-mail: You can telephone at: (406) 283-3535. Comments need to be received by 5:00 PM on June 13, 2022. Published In The Western News May 13, 20, 27, June 3 & 10, 2022. MNAXLP