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Barrows pleads guilty to amended felony charge

Daily Inter Lake | February 4, 2022 7:00 AM

A man brought up on drug distribution charges after allegedly offering to sell methamphetamine to a criminal informant over text message changed his plea this week.

Craig Barrows, 35, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of criminal possession of dangerous drugs in Lincoln County District Court on Jan. 31. He originally pleaded not guilty to criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to distribute and a misdemeanor count of criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

He changed his plea after striking a deal with prosecutors.

Barrows came to the attention of local authorities after a criminal informant turned the alleged text message over to Deputy Bobbie Noel of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on Dec. 23. Noel, in turn, alerted probation and parole officials. They requested that deputies keep a lookout for Barrows and detain him, court documents said.

Noel came across Barrows first, running into him that same afternoon. According to court documents, Noel found a pipe used for methamphetamine on Barrows. A subsequent search of his vehicle turned up about 3.5 grams of methamphetamine, scales and baggies, court documents said.

Under the terms of the deal, prosecutors will recommend Barrows spend five years with the state Department of Corrections with credit for time served. He will remain on the hook for any costs or fines levied by the court. In return, they opted to dismiss the misdemeanor charge.

Barrows is due back in court for sentencing on March 7.