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Pets for Patriots welcomes Kootenai Pets for Life Adoption Program for vets

| August 30, 2022 7:00 AM

Kootenai Pets for Life has partnered with Pets for Patriots to support the adoption of the most overlooked shelter animals by veterans in its community.

This partnership aligns with KPPFL’s values to find forever homes for the cats and dogs of Lincoln County, in addition to supporting our veterans.

Pets for Patriots recognizes KPFL’s shared passion for giving our nation’s veterans renewed purpose through companion pet adoption.

By joining forces with Pets for Patriots, Kootenai Pets for Life will offer 10% discount to veterans who adopt program-eligible dogs and cats through its partnership with Pets for Patriots.

“I reached out to Pets for Patriots, because not only is it very important for us to take care of our animals, but also our veterans. This gives us the opportunity to accomplish both goals,” said Jeff Sharp, Director of KPFL.

Animals eligible for adoption through Pets for Patriots include dogs and cats who are adult, special needs, or long-term homeless, as well as larger breed dogs. The program is open to veterans from World War II to those in active duty.

“We help shelters inspire the adoption of the more overlooked animals in their care,” says Beth Zimmerman, Pets for Patriots executive director. “At the same time, veterans find a new sense of purpose through the unconditional love of a shelter pet who has been given a second, maybe even a third, chance at life.”

Veterans must first apply to Pets for Patriots online and provide relevant eligibility documents.

Approval typically takes no more than two business days, after which veterans can visit Kootenai Pets for Life to find their new best friends.

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