Wednesday, February 08, 2023

The lure of fascism

| August 19, 2022 7:00 AM

I think it is sinful and immoral to twist the misery and horror of ones life and the lessons gleaned from it into a political rallying point which glorifies the very evil they endured.

But that is exactly what Mr. James has done. I know from a fiancee the horrors the Jews in Europe suffered under Hitler; her parents were the only survivors of their families.

I know too that they would be the first to recognize the antics of Antifa for what they are, evil Brown Shirt tactics plain and simple! They, and I’m sure Mr. Stern would be appalled to see that the Democrat party of JFK now embraces and supports such evil!

Mr. James own words contradict his intentions. His paragraph…Anti-intellectualism was important because science can only help the leader, not disagree with him. Truth becomes a threat, as Goebbels states, ‘the enemy of the state.’… The democrats have been stumping that message since 2020.

“Follow the Science” except when it pertains to “Questioning A Vaccine” or “What is a Woman,” or “A Man Can Become Pregnant” and when parents object to school boards for teaching the lies of CRT, they are now “Enemies of the State.”

Biden himself said he’d Build it Back Better through use of executive orders, even if it’s against the Constitution. “What are you going to do about it… we have the jets.” I guess that’s Mr. James idea of being “Leader Supreme.” As to systems (CRT) that create a divide: Hillary said she had the “Progressive Areas” (the coast) and Trump had the “Basket of Deplorables,” rural America. Just look at the FBI stats on crime, the cities and states with the highest increases are all democrat controlled. Mr. James does that answer your question?

I am confident Mr. Stern would say the Republicans are pro-Israel, pro-Constitution, pro-Family and pro-America. He would be appalled at the Democrat congressmen/women who are anti-Israel, pro-abortion and pro-sexualization of children. He may even acknowledge these facts:

  • personality cult=woke culture=either you are with us or you’re a racist

-loyal to country=re-write history and destroy statues and monuments

  • policies to kept the poor poor and are anti-women and family=LBJ’s “Great Society”
  • banning books=pulling “old” white men and conservative black authors from libraries
  • criticizing science=questioning why studies have been blocked or why definitions are changed to call gene therapy something that it isn’t
  • victims of sinister liberal attacks=the blocking and cancellation of on-line accounts of conservative views and opinions
  • support democracy and peaceful transition=trying to force federal control over state control of elections
  • 18-year-olds are too immature to buy a gun=a 10-year-old is mature enough to mutilate their genitals
  • story telling drag queens=forcing sexualization upon 5- and 6-year-olds
  • illegal immigration is encouraged=National health and security is jeopardized

All these actions are taken and supported by Democrats. In all honesty, independent free thinking individuals and conservatives see that their families are under threat from the fascist tyranny of the current ruling party!

Robert Edmundson

Libby, Montana