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National Farmers Market Week celebrated

by The Western News
| August 12, 2022 7:00 AM

The Farmers Market at Libby joins markets across the country in celebrating National Farmers Market Week from Aug. 7-13. 

Amid a global pandemic, farmers markets — like all other small businesses — have innovated to continue operations for the farmers and communities that depend on them.

Farmers markets foster direct relationships between community members and farmers which can work to create a more fair and sustainable food system.

Farmers markets are a hub for connection and collective action around shared values. 

National Farmers Market Week is an annual celebration of farmers markets coordinated by the Farmers Market Coalition, a membership-based nonprofit organization that supports farmers markets nationwide through training, technical assistance, and network-building.

This year, the campaign is centered around the essential role that farmers market operators play in our local food systems and in developing resilience in communities as hubs for local economies and connection.

The Farmers Market at Libby began in 2019, and currently hosts 67 vendors selling a wide variety of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, eggs, meats, local arts and much more. 

“Farmers markets are abundant sources of food, connection and resilience in our communities across the country, but they don’t just happen on their own.” said Ben Feldman, Farmers Market Coalition Executive Director. “Behind the scenes of every successful farmers market is a dedicated person or team working to make the market thrive. These farmers market operators are experts who need community and financial support to run their markets and resources specifically designed for their needs.

Throughout National Farmers Market Week 2022, we will be highlighting the vital work of farmers market operators across the nation. Join us!”

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