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Libby ex-con accused of pistol whipping resident

The Western News | August 12, 2022 7:00 AM

A career criminal from Libby is facing several felony charges after two recent incidents last month.

Guy Eric Waldron, 44, is charged with robbery, assault with a weapon, theft and criminal endangerment after two separate incidents on July 24.

Waldron was arraigned on the charges Monday in Lincoln County District Court. He pleaded not guilty to all four charges.

On July 30, Waldron posted $75,000 bail on the robbery, assault and endangerment charges and $10,000 bail on the theft.

Waldron is facing the possibility of decades in prison if convicted off all offenses. The maximum penalty for a robbery conviction is 40 years in the Montana State Prison. For assault with a weapon, it’s 20 years and for criminal endangerment and theft, it’s 10 years each.

According to charging documents, a man came to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office on the evening of July 24 to report Waldron had allegedly taken his 2001 Chevy Suburban due to what the defendant termed was a “family emergency.” The alleged victim said he hadn’t given Waldron permission to take the vehicle, but had left the keys in it. He said Waldron lives near him on Parmenter Avenue. The man also said he let Waldron borrow some tools, but never returned them.

After his investigation, Sheriff’s Deputy Derek Breiland determined Waldron had allegedly pawned the tools.

Breiland then began to search for the vehicle. When he drove past the alleged victim’s residence, he saw the Suburban parked there. Breiland went to talk with the man, who was in the process of calling to report the vehicle had been returned.

The alleged victim said his vehicle had a full tank of gas when it was taken, but it was empty after it had been returned. The man also said his vehicle smelled “really bad” because Waldon had left his dirty socks inside.

While Breiland was speaking to the alleged victim, Waldron and his girlfriend, Mariah Youso, rode by the house on their bicycles. Deputy Anthony Jenson, who had arrived to assist in the investigation, spoke with Waldron. Breiland said Waldron claimed that he had called law enforcement several times about “being chased.” He said he never heard anything back about his complaints. Waldron allegedly told the officers that law enforcement and other groups are stalking him to set him up.

While speaking about the Suburban, Waldron said the alleged victim had given him permission to take the vehicle, according to the court document. Waldron said he took the vehicle at 6 a.m. on July 24 and drove to Missoula to “speak to an individual.” Waldron said he talked to a U.S. Marshal to tell him his life is in danger because he is being “gang stalked” by law enforcement as well as unknown persons.

Waldron continued to speak to the officers, allegedly making statements that law enforcement should be OK with killing someone and “If the (profanity) approach me tonight, you guys are coming to pick the bodies up.”

Waldron then rode away on his bicycle.

Breiland then spoke to the alleged victim, who said he was worried Waldron would be at his house in the morning banging on the door. He also said “there would be problems from here on out because Waldron is “really unstable.”

Later that day, at about 10:31 p.m. on July 24, Libby Police Officer Ronald Buckner received a report about a different man being pistol whipped, allegedly by Waldron.

Buckner spoke to the alleged victim, who said he was sitting outside on a picnic table when he heard two people on bikes. The man said he recognized Waldron and the defendant said something to him as he rode by.

The alleged victim said he couldn’t hear what Waldron said so he asked Waldron to come talk to him. The man said Waldron rode over, threw the bike down, and walked up to him with a pistol pointed at him, according to court documents.

The alleged victim said Waldron ordered him to get on the ground and give him his money. He said when he refused, Waldron struck him on the left side of his face with the grip of the gun.

The alleged victim said after Waldron rode away he called 911. Officers found the defendant the next day.

According to a 2010 story in The Western News, Waldron received a federal prison sentence in 2008 after pleading guilty to selling stolen guns and using methamphetamine.

After his release, Waldron got more prison time for violating his release conditions after using meth, missing drug tests, not finding a job and traveling without permission.

According to court documents, Waldron was sentenced to prison for forgery in 1996 in Flathead County. In 2005, he received a five-year sentence to the Department of Corrections for using meth and other violations that revoked his original sentence.