Friday, May 27, 2022

Deceptive Practices, Measures and Messages

| April 8, 2022 7:00 AM

As election time draws near, we are about to be inundated with political ads to no end. Nothing says "Don't Vote For Me" more than when a candidate, of any political party, spends more time bad-mouthing and degrading their opponent rather than explaining a clear platform on how they will address the issues at hand to the betterment of their community, state or nation.

The main reason a candidate stoops to low levels (and show they can not be trusted) is that they truly have nothing to offer. Diverting attention away from the issues of concern by maligning an opponent is nothing short of but being condescending to the very voters they are trying to persuade. Dirty politics is dirty politics! The current state of events happening in D.C. and the poison it's spreading to the States must stop!.

We the People need to become an educated electorate and hold those seeking public office, to be our representative, to be public servants, to wield power that we entrust to them, must demonstrate, no, they must prove their resolve of clear and moral intentions to earn our vote. Too many politicians in D.C. and in our state houses are debasing themselves by failing to uphold their oath of office.

This must be addressed. I can only thank God that our Founding Fathers, in order to make a more perfect union, have provided us, the voters, with a legal constitutional means to protect ourselves and our Nation by installing Article 5 into our Constitution: a Convention of States. Let us hold dirty politics and politicians accountable for their actions. We are all tired of being told one thing and politicians doing another once in office. Be it: "I am not a crook" to "You can keep your doctor" to "I call them a basket of deplorables". Enough is enough. Every political candidate needs to be pressed and pressed hard to confirm commitment to this goal.

Please, for the sake of our state, the nation, yourselves, but more importantly, for the sake of our children's children, go to Learn how our constitution can be used to control the Deceptive Practices, Measures and Messages of Dirty Politics and Politicians.

Robert N. Edmundson, Libby