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Masks in schools go against basic American values

| September 7, 2021 7:00 AM

To the editor:

Masks protect the freedom of non-expression. Masks protect the criminal identity. Masks protect anti-free market enterprise. Masks protect the crescendo of a fear based behavioral modification instruction, especially with our precious school children.

When did masks transform from a symbol of oppression to a symbol of protection? Does mask wearing in the classroom really protect our children? Ireland, through extensive study, now deems masking of elementary children as child abuse. I agree.

Is now, right now, the time to prohibit forced mask wearing in public schools? Doesn’t it feel like free market American society is being attacked?

Wouldn’t most agree that the following classroom instructions have been removed from our public schools: being sovereign under God almighty, ideals of free market enterprise, the importance of property rights and the pursuit of happiness? Perhaps a solution is to invoke our individual power and participate at our local decision-making public school board meetings and demand a prohibition against forced mask wearing.

The ultimate question: Do we as Americans possess the innate courage and the depth of faith to go as far as is needed to save our children, America’s future?

David Passieri

St. Ignasius