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FWP issues reminder on proper courtesies as hunting season looms

The Western News | September 7, 2021 7:00 AM

With hunting seasons fast approaching, officials with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks are reminding hunters to get permission before venturing onto private property.

When seeking permission, FWP officials recommend hunters start well in advance of a planned hunting date. Hunters should show courtesy to property owners by calling ahead or visiting at a time convenient for the landowner.

Hunters should provide their information — including vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers — to property owners. When speaking with landowners, hunters should explain which type of hunting they plan to do and clarify conditions of access.

After securing a landowner’s permission, hunters should carefully follow their instructions and only bring companions cleared with the property owner.

Hunters should always thank the property owner after their hunt.

Montana law allows hunters to obtain permission to hunt on all private property.