Monday, December 06, 2021

Vote for a candidate with experience, vote for Peggy Williams

| October 22, 2021 7:00 AM

To the editor,

The city election is coming up on Nov. 2 with two distinct candidates actively running for mayor. Hugh Taylor was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2018 and “ran” in 2019. Only three people ran for three positions in 2019 so there wasn’t an election. The people have never voted for Hugh Taylor.

Peggy Williams, now serving as mayor (by appointment of the Libby City Council), brings three elected terms of city council service to the job. She was first elected to city council in 2007.

Peggy has served on the budget committee since 2015, has participated in state sponsored budget training as well as training in other areas of government. The city needs someone in leadership who truly understands the budget.

I have known Peggy since 1978 and have worked with her as part of the Kootenai Cross-Country Ski Club and alongside her as a volunteer with STOKR and Kootenai Valley Partners Habitat for Humanity and at Christ Lutheran Church. Peggy has always been a champion of Libby!

Libby needs a mayor with experience. My vote for mayor goes to Peggy Williams!

Susie Rice