Monday, December 06, 2021

Hugh Taylor, Libby Mayor

| October 22, 2021 7:00 AM

In anticipation of the November municipal election, The Western News sent questionnaires to all Libby and Troy candidates. Each candidate received the same questions and word limits. Libby City council candidate responses appeared in alphabetical order. Responses submitted by mayoral candidates will appear in separate issues. Some answers may be edited for brevity and clarity.

Occupation: I am the shop foreman at Kootenai Truck Repair.

Age: 50

How long have you lived in Libby: I was born and raised in Libby, served in the U.S. Marines Corps and moved to Georgia for four years. I plan on spending the rest of my life in Libby.

Community involvement:

I was a member of Libby Volunteer Fire Dept. for over 10 years. I served four of those years as treasurer. I served as a Libby Police Commissioner; I served as president of the Cabinet Rifle and Pistol Club for three years. Iā€™m a member of the committee for the RMEF banquet and I hold a seat on the Libby City Council.

What aspects of your background and experience would you draw on if elected?

I have more than a decade of management experience. I have experience with budgets and leadership experience from my time as a firefighter and manager. I have decision-making abilities in high stress and life-threatening situations.

What infrastructure projects would you prioritize during your term?

Our city streets, water and sewers.

What policies would you pursue to make Libby more attractive to businesses and employers?

Most importantly, I would work with the Lincoln County Port Authority, county commissioners and local businesses to retain and bring in businesses and good paying jobs for the Libby area. If we can achieve this, our greatest resource ā€” our children ā€” will be able to stay here and build a future for themselves.