Monday, December 06, 2021

Health board needs qualified members using modern medicine

| October 22, 2021 7:00 AM

To the editor:

I appreciate The Western News' coverage of the process the county commissioners used thus far to appoint a new health board member. The stealth used to appoint Dr. Dianna Carvey was a shock and raises questions about what else our commissioners do behind closed doors

The Eureka board members are an embarrassment. They are entitled to their personal opinion regarding health choices: whether to be vaccinated, whether to have children vaccinated, whether to wear masks in public, etc. The Lincoln County Health Department is an agency for public health, though, and should focus on what is best for everyone. Having board of health members who believe in “faith over fear,” that “rest and a positive attitude” combat COVID-19 and ivermetctin as a cure for anything beyond intestinal parasites is shocking.

Yes, they can make these choices in their personal lives, but not for the health and well being of county residents.

Currently, there are 164 active cases of COVID-19 here. Fifty-five people died from COVID-19 so far (and rising). This rate is abysmal, higher than in most U.S. states. National newspapers point to areas like this as rural, under educated and under vaccinated. There is no need for this embarrassment, for these deaths.

As a county we can do better, we can be healthier, but we need a board of health and a health department to take the helm. We need a board that believes in 21st century medical science and accepts qualified research.

Hopefully, the commissioners will appoint Dr. Greg Rice to the Lincoln County Board of Health.

Rita Collins