Sunday, June 13, 2021

Officials close to hiring a superintendent of schools for county

The Western News | June 8, 2021 7:00 AM

Commissioners approved June 2 a resolution to appoint an interim county superintendent of schools.

The resolution marks the last step in a series of legal hoops that the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners had to jump through to fill the position. County Administrator Patrick McFadden said human resources officials would now take over the process of hiring a qualified candidate.

Commissioner Jerry Bennett (D-2) said Sedaris Carlberg, county treasurer, was still putting together an hourly package for the post. While the county had landed on a candidate for the post, Bennett said officials were not ready to release the name.

In early May, commissioners passed a resolution to separate the county treasurer and superintendent of schools positions. Commissioners merged the roles in 2013 when then-treasurer Nancy Trotter had the qualifications to fill both jobs.

While the merger made financial sense for the county, personal interests and abilities led commissioners to uncouple the posts again. The process kicked off in early April when commissioners marked their intent to take action with a resolution.

Bennett said the hire date for the new superintendent of schools would be June 22. The interim superintendent will hold the job until the next election cycle when county voters will decide who should fill the post.