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Edmundson earns deferred two-year sentence

Daily Inter Lake | July 23, 2021 7:00 AM

A Pipe Creek resident who pulled a gun on a UPS deliveryman last year earned a deferred two-year sentence in Lincoln County District Court on July 12.

Authorities charged Robert Nevin Edmundson, 68, with a single felony count of assault with a weapon after the Nov. 24 confrontation. In May, he entered an Alford plea, wherein he maintains his innocence but acknowledges the evidence against him, as part of a deal with prosecutors.

Handing down the sentence, District Judge Matthew Cuffe noted Edmundson’s otherwise clean criminal record.

“[The sentence] accounts for the seriousness of the incident but also the isolated nature of the incident,” Cuffe said.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputies began investigating Edmundson after a shaken deliveryman reported being held at gunpoint while dropping off a package on Pipe Creek Road, court documents said. He told Deputy Derek Breiland that Edmundson emerged from the home armed about 10:20 p.m. and kept the firearm trained on him even after he identified himself.

According to court documents, the driver arrived in a clearly marked vehicle, was attempting to deliver a package ordered by Edmundson’s wife and wore a company uniform.

Edmundson’s finger rested on the trigger while he allegedly cursed the deliveryman out, court documents said.

After attempting to contact Edmundson by phone, Breiland eventually drove up to his Pipe Creek Road home. During the ensuing conversation, Edmundson apologized, but stood by his actions, according to the affidavit.

The hour was late and he was sleeping when the deliveryman arrived, sending light spilling through his windows and setting off his dogs, Edmundson allegedly told Breiland.

“Now is not the time to do business,” he recalled telling the deliveryman, according to an affidavit. Then he sent the UPS employee on his way.

Edmundson acknowledged the deliveryman identified himself and asked him to lower the weapon, court documents said. He also confirmed that he was aware the other man was a package deliveryman throughout the incident.

Still, he appeared shocked, Breiland wrote, when informed about the likely forthcoming criminal charge.