Wednesday, January 19, 2022

We now face the consequences of decisions made long ago

| December 14, 2021 7:00 AM

To the editor:

I was thinking on a time when I was making heavy decisions. Back then I was looking at the world, looking at what I thought I saw was going on and, most important of all, looking at the human race.

How wise would it be to usher in another generation if what I was being told plays itself out? I would always say: “Come talk to me in the first decade or two of the next century. Ask me how things are going then and we'll see how wise I was.”

The first days of summer saw temperatures rocket thirty degrees above normal. It hit 117 degrees Fahrenheit in parts. This record smashing heat lingered for a record smashing time. The first days of winter are upon us. A few “pleasant” days went unnoticed. Those "pleasant" days were in fact a record smashing heat wave.

If, from this instant forward, not one iota of anything was dumped into the atmosphere, it would take 30 years for the effects of this to begin to show up. This is how long a time there is between what we do and when we feel it. What we are experiencing is a result of the deregulation years under former Republican President Ronald Reagan. The SUV's and Humvee's are just getting rolling.

There is a serious strain among us who deny the science. They are easy to find as they are the unvaccinated dying of COVID-19. What we are being told by scientists ain't too cool.

There is an urgency to this. I feel this as sure as yesterday whenever I see a carefree young person trundle a child into the store.

Everything has happened as we were told. What will the world be like in 30 years?

Tom Taaffe