Thursday, September 16, 2021

Libby's soccer team will face competitors on an even playing field this year

The Western News | August 13, 2021 7:00 AM

After years of using the high school football field as their home turf, Libby’s soccer players will have the chance to practice and play on a full-size pitch this season.

Jim Germany, the school district’s athletic director, said former head soccer coach Eric Kapan has worked alongside Joe Martineau, new boy’s co-head coach, to revamp the pitch at J. Neils Memorial Park.

“They’ve got dugouts and buildings up there and redid the grounds,” Germany told school board members Aug. 9. “We’re ready to make the move.

This year we’ll be playing all of our games and practices up there.”

Over the years, school officials have received complaints about the soccer team having to play on the football field, which is not as flat nor as big as an official pitch. Germany said practicing on the curved and undersized field put Libby’s soccer players at a significant disadvantage as they play away games on regulation pitches. Kapan and Martineau were assisted in the project by school district, the county and park district officials. “I’m excited for those kids to be able to play on a field they can have some pride in,” Germany said.

Martineau will head the boy’s soccer team with Cody Pallister this year.