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Legals for August, 13 2021

| August 13, 2021 12:00 AM

INVITATION FOR BIDS The City of Troy is requesting bids for a new Insulated Telescoping Bucket Truck. Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked "Sealed Bid - Bucket Truck", to the City of Troy, 301 E. Kootenai, Troy, MT. Bids will be accepted until 4:00 PM, Wednesday August 17, 2021. Bidders may obtain copies of detailed specification and bidding documents for this equipment from the City Clerk at the Troy City Hall, 301 E Kootenai Avenue, Troy, MT 59935, (406) 295-4151, or email The City of Troy reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive irregularities, or to accept any bid which it deems to be in the best interest of the City of Troy. CITY OF TROY /s/ Tracy Rebo City Clerk/Treasurer Published In The Western News July 30, August 6, and August 13, 2021. MNAXLP

HON. LUKE BERGER District Court Judge Beaverhead County Courthouse 2 South Pacific St, Dillon, MT 59725 (406) 683-3745 MONTANA FIFTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, BEAVERHEAD COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF DECLARING: C.H., YOUTH IN NEED OF CARE. Cause No. DN-2021-851 SUMMONS FOR PUBLICATION TO: KEIDEL KATELEY YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that a Petition for Emergency Protective Services, Adjudication of the Child as a Youth in Need of Care, and Temporary Legal Custody ("Petition") regarding C.H., the child who is the subject of the above-captioned proceedings brought pursuant to Title 41, Chapter 3 of the Montana Code Annotated, have been filed in Cause Number DN-2021-851, in Montana Fifth Judicial District Court, in Beaverhead County, by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Child and Family Services Division ("CFS"), located at 2 South Pacific CL8, Dillon, MT 59725. The Petition requests that CFS be granted the following relief: emergency protective services of the child, to adjudicate the child as a youth in need of care, and to be granted temporary legal custody for up to six months of the child. A copy of the Petition is filed with the Clerk of District Court for Beaverhead County, (406) 683-3725, and is hereby served upon you at this time. C.H., the child who is the subject of this proceeding, was born on July 31, 2018, in Billings, Montana. The child's mother is Courtney Lynn Hanson. The child's father is Keidel Kateley. NOW, THEREFORE, YOU ARE HEREBY DIRECTED to appear at the hearing regarding the Petition that is set on August 31, 2021, at 1:30 p.m. at the Beaverhead County Courthouse, located at 2 South Pacific Street, Dillon, MT 59725, and there to show cause, if any you may have, why CFS should not be granted the relief requested in the Petition. NOTICE: Your failure to appear at the hearing will constitute a denial of interest in the child, C.H., which denial may result, without further notice of the proceedings or any subsequent proceedings, in judgment by default being entered for the relief requested in the Petition. You have the right to be represented by an attorney in these proceedings. If you are unable to afford an attorney, the Court will have an attorney appointed to represent you. WITNESS my hand and the Seal of this Court this 26th day of July, 2021. s/ Carly Jay Anderson Clerk of District Court By: s/Cheryl Pierce Deputy Clerk Published In The Western News July 30, August 6 & 13, 2021. MNAXLP

NATIONAL FOREST TIMBER FOR SALE KOOTENAI NATIONAL FOREST The Down 56 Salvage Sale is located within Portions of Sections 3, T26N, R33W, and Portions of Sections 34, T27N, R33W,Sanders County, State of Montana, PMM. The Forest Service will receive Sealed bids at Supervisor's Office, Libby, MT before or at the time of public bid opening at 2:00 PM local time on 09/13/2021 for an estimated volume of 202 ton of Lodgepole Pine and Other sawtimber marked or otherwise designated for cutting. The Forest Service reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Interested parties may obtain a prospectus from the office listed below. A prospectus, bid form, and complete information concerning the timber, the conditions of sale, and submission of bids is available to the public from the Supervisor's Office, 31374 US HWY 2, Libby, MT 59923. USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer, and lender. PUBLISHED In The Wester News August 13, 2021. MNAXLP

NOTICE OF FINAL BUDGET MEETING On August 18, 2021, at 3:30 p.m., in the McCormick Elementary School the Trustees of McCormick School District 15 will meet to consider the final budget for the 2021 - 2022 school year. The meeting may continue from day to day until the budget is adopted. Any taxpayer in the district may appear and be heard for or against any part of the budget. DATED August 6, 2021 s/s Marcella Hilliard District Clerk Published In The Western News August 13, 2021. MNAXLP

Public Notice DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND CONSERVATION UNIT OFFICE TIMBER SALE The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Libby Unit is proposing a timber harvest on approximately 438 acres on State Trust Land located in Sec.16, T30N, R29W within the Fisher River drainage. A brief description of the proposed action is listed below. Preliminary estimates indicate that approximately 1.5-2.5 million board feet of timber would be harvested. Approximately 6.1 miles of road maintenance would be required to access timber. with no permanent new construction. Ground based tractor logging systems would be utilized on approximately 408 acres and cable based logging systems would be utilized on the remaining acres. Proposed silvicultural harvest treatments would include shelterwood, as well as salvage trees damaged from insects and blowdown. Follow-up treatments could include machine piling and scarification, slash burning, broadcast burning, noxious weed spraying, hand planting tree seedlings and pre-commercial thinning. Harvest activities could begin during 2022. This timber sale is part of a program managing forested State Trust Land for revenue to support the Common Schools. The Department would like the public's input regarding the proposal to harvest timber on these parcels. Those interested should address written comments to: Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation attention: Jess Paoli, 177 State Lands Office Road, Libby, MT 59923, or E-mail at: You can telephone at: (406) 283-3529. Comments need to be received by 5:00 p.m. on September 13th, 2021. Published In The Western News August 13, 20, 27, September 3 & 10, 2021. MNAXLP

NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE TO BE SOLD FOR CASH AT TRUSTEE'S SALE on October 05, 2021, at 10:00 o'clock A.M. (recognized local time) at the Main Door of the Lincoln County Courthouse, located at, 512 California Ave, Libby Montana, 59923, the following described real property, situated in Lincoln County, Montana: An irregular parcel of land in Lincoln County, Montana, lying wholly with in the NW1/4NW1/4 of Section 17, Township 33 North, Range 34 West, P.M.M., and more particularly described on Irr Plat 589. (Tract 4C) Commonly known as: 90 Highway 2, Troy, MT 59935 Stateline Casino & Bar, LLC, as Grantor(s), conveyed said real property to First American Title Company, as Trustee, to secure an obligation owed to State Line House, LLC, as Beneficiary, by Deed of Trust dated November 13, 2018, and recorded November 14, 2018, as Book 374 Page 696 Document No. 276942. The Beneficial interest is currently held by State Line House, LLC. Stateline Casino & Bar, LLC has defaulted in the performance of said Deed of Trust by failing to 1) comply with Section 1 of said Deed of Trust to pay all taxes, assessments, charges, fines and impositions attributable to the Property, specifically the first half of the 2020 taxes is delinquent. 2) comply with section 2 of said Deed of Trust to keep the improvements now existing or hereafter erected on the Property insured against loss by fire, hazards included within the term "extended coverage," and any other hazards for which Lender requires insurance. 3) make the monthly payment of $421.93 plus an escrow fee of $8.00 for a total monthly payment of $429.93 due for the 13th day of February, 2021 and a like sum of $429.93 due for the 13th day of each and every month thereafter, which monthly installments would have been applied on the principal and interest due on said obligation, and other charges against the property or loan. As of May 19, 2021 there is due and owing on the loan an unpaid principal balance of $44,664.16, accrued interest in the amount of $945.39 plus late fees in the amount of $63.30, for a total amount due of $45,672.85. Interest accrues on the Note at the rate of 6% per annum with a per diem rate of $7.44 after May 19, 2021. Interest continues to accrue. All delinquencies are now due together with any late charges, advances to protect the security, and fees and costs associated with this foreclosure. The Beneficiary anticipates and may disperse such amounts as may be required to preserve and protect the property and for real property taxes that may become due or delinquent, unless such amounts of taxes are paid by the Grantors. If such amounts are paid by the Beneficiary, the amounts or taxes will be added to the obligation secured by the Deed of Trust. Other expenses to be charged against the proceeds of this sale include the Trustee's fees and attorney's fees, costs and expenses of the sale, and late charges, if any. Beneficiary has elected and has directed the Trustee to sell the above described property to satisfy the obligation. The sale is a public sale and any person, including the Beneficiary, excepting only the Trustee, may bid at the sale. The bid price must be paid in cash at the time of sale. The conveyance will be made by Trustee's Deed. The sale purchaser shall be entitled to possession of the property on the 10th day following the sale.The Grantor, successor in interest to the Grantor, or any other person having an interest in the property, at any time prior to the Trustee's Sale, may pay to the Beneficiary to the successor in interest to the Beneficiary the entire amount then due under the Deed of Trust and the obligation secured thereby (including costs and expenses actually incurred and attorney's fees) other than such portion of the principal as would not then be due had no default occurred and thereby cure the default. The scheduled Trustee's sale may be postponed by public proclamation up to fifteen (15) days for any reason, and in the event of a bankruptcy filing, the sale may be postponed by the Trustee for up to one-hundred twenty (120) days by public proclamation at least every thirty (30) days. DATED: May 24, 2021 By:/s/Rae Albert, Assistant Secretary for First American Title Company c/o Title Financial Specialty Services PO Box 339, Blackfoot, ID 83221 STATE OF Idaho SS. COUNTY OF Bingham On this May 24, 2021, before me, a Notary Public in and for said State, personally appeared Rae Albert, known or identified to me, to be the Assistant Secretary of First American Title Company, who is named as the Trustee in the above described Deed of Trust and executed the instrument on behalf of said Trustee, and acknowledged to me that said Trustee executed the same. /s/ Shannon Gavin Notary Public of Idaho Residing at: Blackfoot, Idaho Commission Expires 01/19/2024 Published In The Western News July 30, August 6 & 13, 2021. MNAXLP

Troy Public Schools PO Box 867 Troy, MT 59935 406-295-4321 Invitation To Submit Request for Qualifications ("RFQ") The Board of Trustees of Troy Public Schools ("the District") is calling interested parties to submit qualifications to perform Preconstruction Phase Services and Construction Phase Services for the construction of a new parking lot for the District, contingent upon obtaining grant funds. Interested parties can receive the Request for Qualifications by contacting Jacob Francom, Superintendent of Troy Public Schools at the number listed above or emailing Superintendent Francom at Primary Task: Assist the District during all phases of the planning, construction, and completion processes related to the anticipated Project. A successful submission will demonstrate the following characteristics: Pertinent experience with a background in school facilities Commitment to the project Understanding of the Distric's needs and requirements Innovative community engagement and communica tion strategies Competitive fee structure and costs Please submit proposals to: Superintendent Jacob Francom Troy Public Schools PO Box 867 Troy, MT 59935 406-295-4321 Closing date for proposal submission is October 1, 2021. No late proposals will be considered. Proposals will be read and considered by the Board of Trustees at a properly noticed school board meeting, date TBD. This request does not form or constitute a contractual document. Troy Public Schools shall not be liable for any loss, expense, damage or claim arising out of the advice given or not given or statements made or omitted to be made or work completed in connection with this Request for Qualifications. The Board of Trustees of Troy Public Schools reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals, to waive informalities, and/or to accept the proposal that is deemed to be in the best interest of the School District. Published In The Western News August 10, 13, 17 & 20, 2021 MNAXLP