Friday, May 14, 2021

Troy poised to create cemetery committee

The Western News | April 30, 2021 7:00 AM

Troy City Councilors came to the informal conclusion that the best way to manage the municipality’s cemetery would be to form an advisory committee.

Though the council did not take any action, members present at an April 21 meeting agreed that a committee would be preferable to other forms of oversight such as a board. Mayor Dallas Carr said city officials began considering how best to manage upkeep of the public burying ground last year but were waylaid by the coronavirus pandemic.

After resurrecting the discussion with City Attorney Clif Hayden, Carr said that forming a board would complicate the matter since it would require the city to first create a district. And a district would require buy-in from more than 50 percent of area property owners as it could lead to a tax levy, officials said.

Attempting to establish the district immediately would also require the city to hold a special election which Tracy Rebo, city clerk, said would come with a cost.

Were Troy to establish a committee by resolution, councilors could skip an election altogether.

Carr suggested the council form a committee for the short term and begin looking into establishing a board. By waiting until the fall, the city could tack the measure on this year’s ballot and avoid the cost of a special election.

“I think a committee right now — to kickstart it — would be good,” said Carr.

Councilor TJ Boswell voiced support for the measure saying the matter had been on the back burner for long enough.

“I think we should do it because we’ve been talking about it for a year now,” he said. “Why table it? It’s a board versus a committee.”

Boswell also favored looking into forming a district and board.

Rebo said the council would consider establishing a board at an upcoming meeting in May.