Friday, May 14, 2021

Texas administrator selected as assistant principal of elementary school

The Western News | April 27, 2021 7:00 AM

Libby Public School Board members have settled on a candidate for the assistant principal position at the elementary school.

Board members unanimously voted to hire Jeanine Kidwell, a superintendent and principal from Rockport, Texas, during an April 12 meeting.

The decision came after the board whittled down the applicant pool to four candidates and held interviews during the second week of April. Darlene Hartman-Hallam, a principal from Wyoming, Robert Chambers, a principal from Idaho, Brittany Katzer, a Libby Public Schools counselor and Kidwell made up the final four.

Superintendent Ron Goodman said Kidwell’s experience with administration and her background in academic needs boosted her candidacy. Goodman said the chair of Kidwell’s current school board also provided a good reference.

Kidwell has served as the superintendent and principal of Seashore Charter Schools for nearly two years, according to her LinkedIn profile. Prior, she worked as an assistant principal, academic dean, literacy specialist and teacher.

Kidwell received a Masters of Education from Trinity University and completed undergraduate degrees at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

The elementary school assistant principal position opened up last fall after Kaide Dodson, then principal at the elementary school, began working as an interventionist at the Libby Middle High School. Board members selected Andrew Stiger, then assistant principal at the elementary school, to serve as principal.