Saturday, October 23, 2021

The time is ripe for a convention of states

| April 13, 2021 7:00 AM

To the editor:

Before discussing the topic of a convention of states, it is important to see where our nation is at on the path of our political journey with respect to history. Especially now, as we have a political class that is openly embracing Marxism.

There are stark similarities in the genesis of totalitarian and communist empires such as the Chinese Communist Party, Soviet Union, North Korea and Nazi Germany. These movements began with revolutionaries preaching political sermons and fomenting rebellion and anarchy. Their political opponents were vilified and dehumanized through strategic and well-coordinated disinformation campaigns. The Nazi’s sophisticated use of propaganda was borrowed by the communist movements that followed, each promoting their respective “Big Lies” until the masses surrendered their collective rationality to the brainwashing.

Aided by the persistent drumbeat of hatred and division, the revolutionary movements steadily advanced, moving with a dogged persistence. The populace was shocked at first, raising their clenched fists in protests, but as time went on, their indignation waned. Their protesting shouts were drowned by the mob and they were subjected to group humiliation until they ceased objecting altogether as the revolutionary rabble grew into an army. Eventually, even the most ardent opponents began tapping their toes to the same beat of the drum. The millions who refused to march to that demoniac drumbeat met their demise in a gas chamber or gulag.

Historians familiar with this pattern see the similarities with what is happening in America today. U.S. citizens are being doxxed, deplatformed and even having their jobs taken from them because of their political views.

This has been done openly, voiced by vitriolic pundits in the mainstream media in full view of the world.

America’s mainstream media has ceased providing real news and has become a de facto arm of the Democratic Party, pushing left-wing propaganda, and demonizing their opponents on the Right with hate-filled rhetoric.

President Joe Biden’s new anti-terrorism push specifically targets “objections to the exercise of governmental authority.” This vague description promises to give the Justice Department broad interpretation to exact revenge against any conservatives they deem a threat.

The D.C. political class has become adept at using bureaucracy against their opponents. Former President Barack Obama used the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to shake down banks. He also used the IRS to target conservatives, like members of the Tea Party, and used the FBI to spy on the Trump Campaign. More recently, the Justice Department actively targeted Trump supporters: Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, et al.

Meanwhile, Congress doesn’t put up any real resistance to the growing tyranny, whistling and looking the other way while their fellow bureaucrats in the deep state get off scot-free when they get their hands caught in the cookie jar, for example, every FBI operative involved in Crossfire-Hurricane.

Looking through the haze of Washington politics, what we see is not just ugly, it is despicable — the disgusting image of our politicians, Big Media, Big Tech, Wall Street, and the CCP, roiling together on a bed piled high with U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Washington, D.C., has become the biggest cash-cow the world has ever seen, with the U.S. taxpayers providing the milk that feeds the insatiable appetite of Congress and the Deep State. Our nation’s capital has become the world’s capital of bribery, a place where career politicians get filthy rich.

They have essentially created a giant Ponzi scheme where inflated budgets filled with pork are approved each year, with much of the money funneled right back to D.C., which politicians use to keep themselves in power, kicking the can down the road for the next generation to face the inevitable financial catastrophe caused by their avaricious betrayal of the American people.

D.C. politicians are chin deep in corruption, but notice none of them get busted, put in jail, or lose office?

It is time to repair the broken engine of Washington, D.C., and give it a complete overhaul. It is time for a convention of states.

Such a convention was included in Article V of the Constitution to stop a runaway Congress that is drunk on power and no longer listens to We the People.

Why do we need a convention of states right now? Even though each year Congress pays lip service to term-limits, they will never voluntarily submit to it. Too many of them are addicted to power and D.C. cash. Term limits are the only way to force our congressmen and congresswomen to keep them responsive to their respective constituents — us.

It’s really very simple. We must end the reign of the Washington career politician.

How does it happen? At least 34 states must agree to the meeting of a convention of states. Once this happens, the amendments are discussed and voted on. After approval, these amendments are sent to all the states for their vote. If three-fourths concur, it becomes law.

Please urge your representatives to support a convention of states. You can easily send them a message by going to then click on “look up legislators.”

Many states have already jumped on board and those that aren’t are in the process. It is up to us to fix Washington. We can bring about this change through the Constitutionally approved convention of states process.

If we don’t do it now, tomorrow may be too late.

Brent Smith