Thursday, September 23, 2021

The Western News owes us an apology

| April 2, 2021 7:00 AM

To the editor:

We would like to personally thank The Western News and Daily Inter Lake for throwing the Silver Spur under the bus with this article (“Commissioners, Troy officials met in violation of state law,” March 30)!

The Silver Spur had no idea what the city or county was up too. Did you not think for one minute that your article makes it sound as if we were in on this meeting? Did you not think for one second what repercussions we would get from this?

Just so we are very clear the Silver Spur knew nothing about this secret meeting. Shame on you, The Western News, Daily Inter Lake, Troy Mayor Dallas Carr, and the county commissioners, Jerry Bennett and Mark Peck, who held this meeting!

The references to “the Silver Spur group” were a very poor choice of words.

And the photographs of the Spur? Why not a picture of city hall? Thanks for all the support in times that are hard enough already!

We have already received negative comments in person and online. But there are those that don’t say anything, they just quit doing business with us. They assume we were part of your secret meeting.

At the very least an apology from all of you would be a good start. Perhaps an article stating that we had nothing to do with this meeting, and then you can all man up and take the blunt of this very bad press. That would be nice.

Shelly and Bill Warrick, Dean Nelson

The Silver Spur