Minority rule has led to political divisiveness

| October 27, 2020 7:00 AM

To the editor:

Our country has two infections. One is a pandemic and the other — though not as deadly but just as destructive — is extreme divisiveness. In 2018, there were 17 million more votes for Democratic candidates for the Senate than for Republicans, yet the Republican Party controls the Senate. In 2016, there were 6 million more votes for Democratic House of Representative candidates than for Republicans, yet the Republican Party kept control of the House of Representatives that year.

In the last 50 years, 18 Supreme Court justices have been confirmed. Of those, Republican administrations have appointed 14, despite having only once won the popular vote since 1988.

Our polarization is in part a consequence of minority rule and a society where basic facts are questioned, conspiracy theories from the far reaches of the Internet gain more traffic than factual news and the sitting president vilifies the reputable press.

Please do your part to heal our country by voting for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot! The Democratic Party, under the leadership of former Vice President Joe Biden, is committed to fact-based solutions to our problems. Democrats are committed to inclusiveness and to politics that reduce rather than inflame divisiveness.

Gov. Steve Bullock for the U.S. Senate: a proven leader opposed by a feckless incumbent whose major claim to fame is voting five times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Bullock has protected Montanans with pre-existing health conditions and, unlike his opponent, he will continue to do so as our senator.

Kathleen Williams for the U.S. House of Representatives: Her record of working across the aisle to craft health care solutions for Montanans and protecting our public lands is in stark contrast to her land developer opponent, who has lackluster performance as state auditor. He rubber-stamped a 23 percent increase in Montanan’s insurance costs.

Mike Cooney for governor: He has served Montana as a legislator, secretary of state and lieutenant governor. He is an experienced and collaborative leader. He has an established record of delivering results. His hyper partisan opponent was convicted of an assault and is an undisputed liar.

Bryce Bennett for secretary of state: He is a voting rights advocate and has a long record of battling dark money and fighting for access to our public lands. He will be a welcome change from bumbling Corey Stapleton, whose handpicked deputy is Bennett’s opponent.

Raph Graybill for Montana Attorney General: His wide experience advocating for public lands, Montanan’s health care and voting rights make him an easy choice over an opponent who wants to strip $30 million from the state Department of Justice.

Shane Morigeau for state auditor: A state representative and a member of the Flathead Nation, he has worked successfully across both sides of the aisle in Helena. His opponent, after pleading guilty to non-resident hunting violations accused the liberal Montana FWP deep of engaging in a witch hunt” for catching him.

Melissa Romano for superintendent of public instruction: She is a dedicated, award-winning teacher. Unlike her opponent, who has spent her career diverting public dollars toward private schools and lying about it, Romano is a passionate advocate for public education and will work hard for pre-K programs.

Monica Tranel for the state Public Service Commission: Tranel has two decades of experience fighting for Montanans as an attorney arguing in front of the commission and Montana Supreme Court. Her opponent, while not busy entertaining the Bundy family and introducing bills to divest our public lands, engages in spreading false rumors.

The choice between the Democratic candidates up and down the ballot and their opponents could not be starker. Please vote!

Karen Wickersham

Libby and Missoula